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Dear Friend,

     I'm not entirely sure how you came to be at this website. Who knows, maybe you're responding to something you've read in a publication, found us via a forum on the web, even by pure accident or better still someone told you about it.

      Either way you're here at what I believe is one of the most informative websites on the entire internet.

      Here's why.

      Because I'm going to reveal the good, the bad and the ugly. In fact I'm going to...

explode some myths and reveal the awful
 truths and lies we've been led
to believe about money

       You see there is more mystery and fantasy about the creation of wealth, than there is about creation itself. So before you go any further, take a deep breath because I'm about to dispel the myths and uncover the lies and face some of the awful truths that you are going to have to accept if you want to be rich and successful

       I believe you have a right to be as rich as anyone fact it's your birth right. I would go as far as to say you have an obligation to achieve and have access to all  things necessary for you...

to live life to the fullest in every
sense of the word, spiritual,
mental and physical

        Neither ought you to suffer guilt about desiring riches. The desire for wealth really reflects a yearning for a better, more abundant life. It would surely be absurd to deny the desire for an abundant life. The person who already has all they want in order to live in abundance, is rich. And in today’s demanding society, such a life would be...

impossible without money.

        Try filling your role as a spouse, a parent, an employer, employee or even that of a citizen, if you have nothing to give.

        And I’m wealthy because I learned what works. And that’s what I’m going to share with you in my Rebellious Rants. 

        And a high IQ, bucket loads of talent or a private school education are no guarantee of riches either! People possessed of a high intellect are poor too! Of course natural ability is surely an advantage. But school drop-outs, so called dumb-bums, and people with a seemingly less than average intelligence can be rich. By the way, just because you’re “better at it” than someone else who has become rich, doesn’t automatically mean you will too.

        Nor does location have anything to do with it. If that was the case, we’d find that every single person in a given street, suburb, town or city would be rich. This is rarely the case. Everywhere, rich and poor co-exist, often sharing similar or the very same vocations. So believe it. You CAN be rich. 

You have the RIGHT to be rich!

        So if the thought of attaining riches is offensive to you, I suggest you leave this site now, it's clearly not for you.

        I promise a multitude of strategies and if you use them exactly as I describe them to you, then you will see...

money in your bank account in the next 21 days
or less that you would never
have seen otherwise.

        So let's get started...simply fill in your details below and click on "Instant Access" to be instantly taken to a page where you will see a multitude of Rebellious Rants. Each clearly identified by their Head Line Topic.

        Each one contains one issue of the Rebellious Rant. If any of the many headlines takes your fancy simply click on them and ....ala kazaam... the entire text of that issue will appear before you instantly (no downloading required)on your screen

        Feel free to read it, print it and do with it as you wish. It's 100% FREE. There is no fee to pay, and on this web site you will never see...

any aggravating pop up ad or equally
aggravating banner ad.

        Your email details will never be shared, rented or given out. We will only use them to make you aware of the next issue. I too hate spam and any other kind of unsolicited emails, you may even unsubscribe at any time by following the instructions on each email.

        Almost without exception there will be a new Rebellious Rant each week. I trust you'll find my Rebellious Rants as rewarding as the many thousands of people that already have.

Committed to multiplying your profits

Mal Emery 

PS. You will note that this complete website is copyright protected. The information is for your personal use only and not for reproduction in any form, without first seeking my permission.    

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